Donate a Car in NY: How to Maximize Tax Deductions from a Car Donation

The car donation process sounds so simple: Donate your used vehicle to charity and receive a tax deduction while you help those in need. It’s a win-win situation, right? Not necessarily. Without a little planning and preparation, it can be easy for well-meaning donors like you to end up stumbling and fumbling with deductions come tax time. [Read more...]

Donate a Car in New York—The Best Pre-owned Cars to Donate this Year

Considering how vast the planet is, one might think that making a difference or changing the world for the better are feats best left to extraordinary individuals—but such is not always the case. As Aesop, the popular Greek storyteller, once stated: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Therefore, whether you’re planning to volunteer at local charities or donate your car in New York with the help of car donation processing companies like Miles Ahead Donations, know that you’re about to contribute and support a noble cause. [Read more...]

Charitable Contributions Increase Due to Factors like NY Car Donation

A report recently released by the charity watchdog Blakbaud indicated a significant increase in the number of donations last summer, fueled by conventional monetary contributions as well as by people willing to donate a car in NY to organizations such as Miles Ahead Donations, among others. Isaac O’Bannon of CPA Practice Advisor provided further details on the subject: [Read more...]

New York Car Donation Drives and the Art of Giving Without Spending

People have been engaged in acts of philanthropy throughout the ages. These selfless acts of giving, often through monetary means, have been revered for so long that in the minds of many, giving has probably become limited only to finances. However, not all those who would genuinely love to give to charity have much spare cash lying around. reader “Two Shekels” shared the same dilemma. Fortunately, writer Eric Ravenscraft offered some timely advice. In a reply to the query, Ravenscraft said: [Read more...]

Why You Should Donate a Car in NY Instead of Bathing in Ice Water

Popular charities, such as the recent ALS fundraiser, get a lot of attention due to their unique donation format, but they can be a disservice to other well-meaning charities. A report on the Quartz website published last August 14, 2014 details how high-profile and competitive charities can detract from the noble goal of actually helping others. The article makes a good point regarding how charities can encourage people to genuinely lend aid: [Read more...]

How a Car Donation in New York Will Genuinely Benefit a Nonprofit

The ALS fundraising campaign has been quite successful lately thanks to the participation of celebrities, but the campaign’s true goals may have been largely overshadowed by the hype generated by the “ice bucket challenge”. An article on Time’s MONEY website section, dated August 19, 2014 discusses how the ALS campaign, despite good intentions, might be focused too much on its ice-bucket-pouring gimmick: [Read more...]

Donate a Car to NY Charities to Feed the Poor for that Good Feeling

A significant number of people in the world give to charity, and that’s a good thing. If you’re part of that statistic, have you ever wondered why someone would donate a car to NY charities to shelter perfect strangers, or feed the hungry whom they’ve never met? Social psychologists have a theory behind this behavior, as described in an Eva’s Village article by Joanne Fagan: [Read more...]

Making a Car Donation to New York Charities from a Distant City

So you’ve finally decided to cut ties with the old junker in the garage. You had a good run and your share of happy memories, but it’s time to move on. Plus, the car’s value will be written off as a tax deduction. Bear in mind, however, that making a car donation in New York, Boston, and other urbanized locations isn’t as simple as dropping change into a tin cup. Joanne Fritz described the risks and complexities in her article in [Read more...]

A Reason to Donate a Car in NY: Get Tax Deductions for your Donation

Choosing to donate a car in NY through organizations like Miles Ahead Donations opens the opportunity to a lot of advantages, ranging from a sense of moral fulfilment to tangible financial benefits. No matter what your reason may be, you would probably agree that getting tax donations would have to be one of its greatest perks.

Here are some facts you should know about it: [Read more...]

Car Donation in New York: Suitable Choice Not Only for the Wealthy

Giving to the needy is always something that should be seen as positive, regardless if the giver belongs to the upper class of society or from the hard-working middle class. Americans have increased their donations to various non-profit charitable institutions in 2013, based on a report by Giving USA Foundation. The donations came from people from different economic backgrounds, including a sector that is still reeling from the recent economic turmoil in the country. [Read more...]