Making Car Donations Easy and Convenient

Do you have a car that has been sitting in your garage for the longest time? Are you planning to sell an old car, RV, truck, or boat? Thinking about donating to charity but unsure about which direction to take? You might want to consider a car donation program in NY that can change the lives of people who need help the most.

Miles Ahead Donations has been helping non-profit organizations and charities for the past 15 years. Based on Long Island, NY and recognized as one of the most trusted vehicle donations services in the U.S., Miles Ahead Donations is a nationwide, charitable sister organization of Vizzify Marketing that facilitates donations for non-profit organizations. If you have a car, van, trailer, RV, truck, or boat that you want to donate, contact us and we’ll make sure that the donation process is a hassle-free and rewarding experience for you.

Miles Ahead Donations truly understands what a wonderful gift your car donation is. We know that you are donating your car because you want to help someone have a better life. We appreciate and value your kindness and generosity and we want to make sure our car donation process is the easiest and most convenient car donation process for you. Here are the easy and quick steps to donate your car.

• Fill out the quick online vehicle donation form.
• Select the charity of your choice.
• Miles Ahead Donations will contact you and confirm details about the donation.
• A licensed, bonded, and insured towing company will pick up the vehicle.

You can donate a car in Brooklyn, NY, Boston, MA, or Philadelphia, PA or any other town or city nationwide and make a difference in someone’s life in just a few, simple steps. Not only will your car donation be used to assist a worthwhile charity, it can also maximize your tax deduction this year. You don’t need to worry about complicated paperwork for your car donation; we will make sure that there is never a risk of liability to you by efficiently handling all the paperwork and completing the forms.

Every Donation Counts

We are honored to work with some of the most respected nonprofit and charity organizations in the country—organizations known for their good work toward creating change. You can help make a difference by donating your car to a charity of your choice or choose from our list of charities. From health and human services to animal and environmental causes, the charities you can donate to are pre-screened and verified.

Miles Ahead Donations is able to maximize a vehicle’s sale price, so you can be sure that your favorite charity gets the highest dollar amount. From beginning to end, your car donation is handled efficiently and professionally, turning your donation into a generous gift for others in need and a potential tax deduction for you.

Contact us today for more information about car donation in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.