Car Donation in New York: Suitable Choice Not Only for the Wealthy

Giving to the needy is always something that should be seen as positive, regardless if the giver belongs to the upper class of society or from the hard-working middle class. Americans have increased their donations to various non-profit charitable institutions in 2013, based on a report by Giving USA Foundation. The donations came from people from different economic backgrounds, including a sector that is still reeling from the recent economic turmoil in the country. [Read more...]

Why Enlist Our Help with Car Donations? Let These Reviews Convince You

Writing a check isn’t the only way you can help charities. If you have an old car or boat, why not donate it to a worthwhile cause of your choosing?

Of course, donating a vehicle is not as straightforward as donating money. Fortunately, Miles Ahead Donations makes the process incredibly easy by providing valuable assistance to donors. Everything from scheduling the pickup, to towing cars and boats for free, and even handling the necessary paperwork—these are all things we can help you with.

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Save the World, One Car at a Time: 3 Things that Make Us Different

Are you pondering on what to do with your old car? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most car owners often find themselves struggling with what to do with an outdated or unused car—especially when they don’t have enough garage or yard space. The good news is you can donate your old car, and help out an organization in the process.

The problem is some car donation companies make this entire process more complicated than it should be. Miles Ahead Donations sees things differently and makes sure that donating a car is a straightforward, hassle-free process. This and the three other reasons below are the things that keep us miles apart from our peers.

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Connect with Miles Ahead Donations and Transform the Lives of Others

“Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.” – Optimus Prime

Doing everything in your power to save your world may be an inspiring lesson from the movie Transformers. In the real world, there’s a way for you to be an actual “transformer,” using your car as the enabler by donating it. Cars, or any vehicles, for that matter, can provide nonprofits steady streams of income. When you donate, you can help transform the life or lives of an individual, a family, a large group, or even everyone in the world. [Read more...]